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Countdown To The 2017 NFL Draft

Tonight is all about showtime and 32 teams selecting the young men they think will be cornerstones of their franchises for years to come. Count down to the 2017 NFL Draft here with us at BRB.

Houston Texans Introduce Bill O'Brien
These four guys call the shots. Whose voice is the most powerful remains something of a mystery, though.
Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

It’s finally here, y’all. After months (years in some cases) of fantasizing about what this guy or that guy could do for our Houston Texans, we’re finally at the point where we’re going to select our newest Texan. We’ve got four of the longest hours in our lives ahead of us as we wait for the actual 2017 NFL Draft to begin, but we’ll spend the time here, together, so we can discuss our hopes, fears, and expectations for the Texans (and other teams) tonight.

Which players do you want to see wearing Battle Red, Liberty White and Deep Steel Blue come September? Who do you want us to draft? Who do you think we’ll draft? (Since all long-time Texans fans know that we rarely get the guy the fans want).

What are you doing to pass the time? Cooking? Working? Drinking (but not driving)? Let us know your plans for these final few hours, share some recipes, anecdotes, whatever (except naked pictures of yourselves; that would be awkward and awful) here with us.

This is your Countdown to the 2017 NFL Draft. Hang out here until the First Round Open Thread posts at 6:45pm Houston-time.