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2017 NFL Draft: Texans React To Deshaun Watson Selection

Spoiler alert: Clemson Tiger DeAndre Hopkins could not be happier.

Wild Card Round - Oakland Raiders v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Texans players, coaches, and fans are all (mostly) ecstatic about the Texans trading up for Deshaun Watson in the first round. Even Watson himself can hardly contain his excitement. Here are just some of their immediate reactions tonight in the wake of the potentially franchise-changing move by Rick Smith and Bill O’Brien.

To be completely objective about that last tweet from Mr. Dukes, Deshaun Watson’s squad was not exactly lacking for NFL talent itself. He was throwing to five future NFL receivers, after all.

All that being said, Watson always managed to show up when the lights were brightest throughout his college career no matter who he was playing with or against. Let’s just hope that all those intangibles translate to real, tangible success on the field in the NFL.