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Incompletions: 2017 NFL Draft Second Round Soothsaying

The BRB staff gathers around to give their thoughts on the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

After the stunning trade up to grab Deshaun Watson, there are still six more (likely much less eventful) rounds to go for your Houston Texans. The second is the next and the most important one left. It’s the round that produces the most value because of the player’s contract and how much they usually contribute. Below are our thoughts on the players we like who are still remaining, who we think Houston will draft, and who we want Houston to draft tonight.

Diehard Chris:

Now that the Texans have made their decision in the first round, which players do you like the most that are still remaining? Budda Baker, Obi Melifonwu, Kevin King, Zach Cunningham... and more. I'm not a big Cam Robinson guy, and he's not likely to be there (nor are the others I named). I just hope there's an OT or S on the board worth the pick when it comes time, since there aren't likely to be any more trades upward.

Who do you think Houston takes? I think they will trade down and stockpile picks, considering what they're facing in next year's draft.

Who do you want Houston to take? Any of the names above - I'd also be fine with trading down depending on who is/is not available.

Battle Red Coat:

I would really like either Cam Robinson or Forrest Lamp. Will they be there when the Texans select? Probably not. Whether they'd be worth trading up for, I'm not really sure. I'd more inclined to trade back at this point to recoup some of the picks lost in the two Browns trades, but if either of these fall to a spot where it would cost no more than a 5th or 6th rounder to jump up, I would do it. Budda Baker and Obi Melinfonwu are guys I'd also think about trading up a couple spots for.

In reality, I'm not sure who we end up with. Maybe Kevin King if we're lucky, but really it’s too hard to call.

Luke Beggs:

I'm not going to get excited for Forrest Lamp or Cam Robinson to fall to the Texans, so instead I'm going to say that we're going to get some help in the secondary.

I’m going with Budda Baker, someone who can cover the gaps at both safety and nickel corner while taking some of the load off of a declining Kareem Jackson.

Brett Kollmann:

I am absolutely stunned that Cam Robinson, Forrest Lamp, Budda Baker, and Eddie Jackson are all still available. I doubt that they make it down to Houston in the late second round, but if they do happen to keep sliding, I could imagine no better value on Day Two than any of them.

That being said, I fully expect the Texans to take someone else that we do not expect at all, because OF COURSE we will.

Capt. Ron:

I'm torn between the dire need for an OT to help protect Tom Savage and Watson, and adding talent and depth to the defensive secondary.

If the actual talent of these remaining players were exactly equal, OT is a much higher need/value to address right now. However, I think Budda Baker has significantly better talent at safety/nickel compared to the rest of the draft board at safety than Cam Robinson or Forrest Lamp do compared to the remaining offensive linemen group.

My preference would be to trade up and get Baker. I realize trading up would further diminish an already limited pool of draft resources, but the Texans seem to be squeezing into a "win now" window after the bold moves to jettison Brock and then plucking Watson from the upper atmosphere of Round One last night. Honestly, I'd have no issue with Houston moving up for any of these safeties or offensive tackles to get a "sure thing" day-one contributor.


The Texans have now used three of their four highest draft picks on QBs over the next two years. With where our roster is out, I believe it's time to shift into win now mode and throw future caution to the wind.

Trade up. Get the guys we want at the positions we want. After the draft, be the first on the phone to the UDFAs to supplement the roster.

That's what I would do, but I'm not sure if that's what the Texans will do.

BRB, where’s your head on this second round? Tons of good talent left to go. Let us know your preferences in the comments section, and enjoy day two of the draft (and your weekend!)