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Countdown To The Second Round Of The 2017 NFL Draft

Well, we might have our quarterback of the future sorted, so now we’re gearing up for another two new Texans. Count down to today’s draft action here at BRB!

NFL: 2017 NFL Draft
He’s in the bag. Who’s coming tonight?
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Good afternoon, Texans fans!

Last night we did a big thing and drafted Deshaun Watson in the first round. That doesn’t mean that Nicholas Cage Tom Savage isn’t our starting quarterback next season, though.

This evening, we’re selecting perhaps another two Texans (I say “perhaps” because we are into this wheeling and dealing thing this season, so who really knows?). The action doesn’t start for another few hours, but we’re fanatics, so we’re here extra early.

This is your Countdown to the Second (and Third) Round thread, where we can discuss, ad nauseum, what we think about what happened last night, what’s going to happen tonight, what’s going to happen tomorrow, and what we think all of this means in the long run of Texans football (or, we could just discuss tacos; that’s fine, too).

A new thread for the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft will post at 5:45PM, so hang out here until then! Enjoy and be kind to one another!