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Report: Cowboys Give Permission To Other Teams To Contact Tony Romo’s Agent Directly

But only for the purpose of talking trade?

Miami Dolphins v Dallas Cowboys
I suppose this counts as news.
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

In today’s edition of “As The Tony Romo Turns”....

So your Houston Texans (or the Denver Broncos, or whoever else) can now permissibly reach out to Tony Romo or his representatives to inquire about Romo working out for the team, visiting NRG Park, and/or getting checked out by the Texans’ team doctors. But only within the confines of Romo’s current contract in conjunction with a possible trade, apparently.

If that’s the case, it seems like Jerry Jones is hoping that teams who have thus far refused to part with an asset to acquire Romo will change their minds if they get to actually meet with and check Romo out. Perhaps Jerruh thinks another team could become further enamored with Romo if they actually get to put him through the paces, and/or that said team could come to an agreement with Romo on a renegotiated contract, thus emboldening said team to trade something for the Cowboys’ QB2.

Or maybe this is nothing more than the latest desperate attempt by Jones to drum up a trade market.

Tune in tomorrow, sports fans.


UPDATE II: It appears Tony Romo won’t be coming to Houston. Or Denver. Or anywhere else as an actual active player.