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Grading The Houston Texans’ 2017 Draft Class

Grades are fun, and I’m sure yours are better than Mel Kiper’s.

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The cool thing to say now is draft grades are meaningless because nobody knows anything, and that these players take time to develop to learn how to play professional football. This is both true and insufferable.

Grades are a lot of fun. Report cards are the only reason I miss school. Subjectively being told why or why not you’re good at something is always a great time. It’s no different in football. Don’t listen to the nerds who longer like draft grades. They are the best! It’s even better to be the teacher and give them out yourself.

Here are some of the grades “experts” have handed out so far for your Houston Texans’ 2017 class: A A

Washington Post: A B

USA Today: B-

Mel Kiper (via ABC Sports): C+

SBNation: C+ C+

Pro Football Focus also offered a solid recap, but has yet to hand out a report card.

More importantly, what do you think? What grade did you give the the Texans’ 2017 NFL Draft class? Vote in the poll below and then discuss in the Comments.


What Grade Do You Give The 2017 Houston Texans Draft Class?

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