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Houston Texans Offseason Workout Dates Announced

Mark these days down on the calendar!

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, the NFL released the dates for offseason workout programs for all 32 teams. Some teams could start as early as yesterday with their programs, but only two teams opted to start that early (Buffalo Bills and Los Angeles Chargers).

In the Texans’ case, the offseason program begins in thirteen days on April 17th. OTAs begin on May 22nd, and the mandatory minicamp takes place in June.

Here are the dates you need to circle:

First Day of Offseason Program: April 17th.

2017 NFL Draft: April 27th-April 29th.

OTAs (Offseason Training Activities): May 22nd-May 23rd, May 25th, May 30th-May 31st, June 1st, June 5th-June 6th, and June 8th-June 9th.

Mandatory Minicamp: June 13th-June 15th.

The first day of official offseason work is always exciting, but not much will take place. It’s not mandatory, so technically all players don’t have to be there (though many are). You can bet newly acquired players (not named Tony Romo) and young players who aren’t necessarily locks for the roster will be in attendance. OTAs will feature those same players, plus anyone selected in the 2017 NFL Draft and any undrafted rookies the team brings in. The mandatory minicamp in June will be the first time the whole roster has to be together.

We are almost two months away that first mandatory date, which proves that everything is always around the corner in the NFL atmosphere.