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Report: Tony Romo To Retire

Where do the Houston Texans go from here?

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
Waving goodbye to his playing career?
Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images


Even though this was rumored as a possibility, I have to admit I’m floored. I always figured Tony Romo would chase a Lombardi Trophy one more time with either the Texans or Broncos after the Cowboys eventually released him. Now, with an end to the drama in sight, with Jerry Jones allegedly about to make him a free agent today no less, Romo has reportedly decided to end his playing career to begin a new chapter.

Good for him. But not so good for the Texans. Houston’s options to improve at quarterback just dramatically decreased. The Texans were almost sure to spend a premium draft pick on a QB in the 2017 NFL Draft regardless of whether they signed Romo, but it was always—and still is—unlikely any QB they took would be ready to step in and contribute immediately. The free agent market is fairly barren at QB to boot, so it would appear Tom Savage—if he wasn’t always the favorite—is the overwhelmingly likely candidate to be the Texans’ starting quarterback in 2017.

What’s your reaction to the news of Romo retiring and the effect of same on the Texans?

UPDATE:  Romo won't be out of work for long.