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Kevin Johnson Says He’s Healthy, Ready To Step Up

Kevin Johnson is looking to get back to starring in Houston’s secondary in his third NFL season.

New York Jets v Houston Texans Photo by Thomas Shea/Getty Images

The Texans drafted Kevin Johnson in 2015, hoping to have him ready when Father Time inevitably conquers Johnathan Joseph (or the salary cap monster claims another victim, whichever comes first). While Johnson has developed into a cornerstone of our defensive secondary when he’s been healthy, his injury record is becoming worrisome.

In 2015, Johnson played with a stress fracture in his fifth metatarsal for the last month of the season, but didn’t miss any games due to the injury (or the broken left wrist he suffered in the playoffs). In 2016, neither K-Jo nor the team were so fortunate. Instead, Johnson was placed on Injured Reserve shortly after a Colts game in which he recorded nine solo tackles, an assisted tackle, and a pass deflection. Surgery soon followed, and Johnson reports that he feels he’s recovered and prepared to play up to the level Texans fans have come to expect.

Speaking to the media at a recent Texans Care Volunteer Day event, Johnson expressed gratitude for being healthy again and expressed excitement about next season, adding,

"I want to play at a higher level. I feel confident in my abilities. I've been working really hard, looking to step my game up and play at a very high level for us."

Well, that gives me warm fuzzy feelings about a defense that’s going to have to re-incorporate two stars lost to injury last season under a new defensive coordinator while also weathering the loss of A.J. Bouye. How do you feel about Johnson, his play so far in his career, and what we should expect going forward?