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Adam Schein Predicts Deshaun Watson Will Be Texans’ Starting QB Week One

A rookie will not just lead the Texans. He’ll do it well, Adam Schein says.

CFP National Championship Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

This time of year, everyone is trying to get on the Joe Namath bandwagon and make bold predictions for the coming season. From crazy hot takes to “Well, Duh!” commentary, it seems we have a ton of bold promises on which to hang our respective helmets.’s Adam Schein is no different and offered up his 2017 NFL Guarantees, which includes one for H-Town, Bill O’Brien and a certain Clemson alumnus now sporting Deep Steel Blue suits.

Deshaun Watson starts Week 1 -- and leads Houston to the postseason.

Competition is nice. So is publicly expressing that Tom Savage is the No. 1. But two years ago, Bill O'Brien was so sick of his nominal starting quarterback, Brian Hoyer, that he yanked him in the middle of the season opener. Last year, Brock Osweiler made O'Brien sick all season -- and he got rid of him. Do you think the coach is going to let this coming season start with a QB controversy?

Deshaun Watson was drafted to be the man. He oozes smarts, leadership and talent. And beyond the quarterback position, this team is loaded with talent on both sides of the ball. Houston's ready to make a run now. And Watson is the man for the job.

Not sure if this falls into the “Hot Take” or “Well, Duh!” category, but the growing sentiment that Tom Savage is going to lose the NRG arms race before it ever really begins seems to be picking up more and more steam every day.

For my money, Watson is a winner, not a loser. Hoyer and Osweiler showed us how to lose. Now the Texans need a quarterback to show us how to win.

What do you think? Should Watson earn the QB1 title right away? Or should he marinate in the QB2 slot for however long it takes for Savage to prove he is or isn’t worthy? Or is Watson just not ready for prime time anytime soon?