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Derek Newton Agrees To Restructure Contract In Wake Of Knee Injuries

The Texans’ starting right tackle will remain on the roster in 2017, but things have changed when it comes to how he’ll be paid.

Houston Texans v Oakland Raiders
Still a Texan.
Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

In the wake of a devastating injury that ended Derek Newton’s 2016 season and has already seen him placed on the PUP List for 2017, I think most Texans fans figured the team would either cut ties with their starting right tackle or renegotiate the terms of Newton’s contract. The latter happened today, with Newton agreeing to restructure his deal to remain with the Texans.

Troy (known as TexansCap on Twitter) has a very thorough breakdown on what this means for both Derek Newton and the Texans going forward. In short:

The team has provided Newton with a lowered but fully guaranteed 2017 salary in exchange for new terms in 2018 & 2019 that provide the team injury protection while giving Newton the opportunity to earn back the cash.

I’d say this is a win for both sides. In a sport where financial security can disappear in an instant, Newton is ensured of at least one more year of fully guaranteed money; the team, on the other hand, isn’t handcuffed by the terms of the original contract extension it negotiated with a healthy Newton back in 2015.

What’s your reaction to the news?