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Report: NFL Owners Approve Three More Rule Changes

NFL owners vote to make additional changes to the league rule book.

NFL: AFC Wild Card-Oakland Raiders at Houston Texans Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Rule changes continue to roll in, as NFL owners have voted for more leniency towards celebrations, to shorten the overtime period from 15 minutes to 10 minutes, and to allow two players to return from IR (previously, the rule only allowed for one).

This follows the news that teams will now have one day to cut rosters down from 90 players to 53 players (eliminating the 75-man roster step).

This change is primarily meant to address player safety, as additional snaps could provide more opportunities for injury or concussion. Nevertheless, teams voiced concerns about a shortened overtime period, particularly the possibility of an increase in the number of tied games due to this change.

According to the NFL, there have been 83 overtime games in the last five seasons, with only 22 of them lasting for at least 10 minutes of overtime play (the average overtime period over that span is 7 minutes and 43 seconds).

This rule change could prove immensely important moving forward. The potential to bring back two players from Injured Reserve (instead of the previous rule of allowing only one designated player to return) will give teams suffering from several injuries the ability to bring back multiple players. This makes the decision to move players to IR and off of IR a little easier all around.

The NFL will also allow remove some of the restrictions surrounding touchdown celebrations. After banning several celebrations last year, the league will once again allow props and group celebrations, among others in 2017. Some celebrations (twerking, suggestive dancing, weapon imagery, etc.) will still be banned.

What are your thoughts on these rule changes, Texans fans? You can use the comments sections below to discuss.