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The Houston Texans’ Magnificent (Front) Seven

Why Houston’s defense is something to fear.

NFL: AFC Divisional-Houston Texans at New England Patriots Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports ‘s Gregg Rosenthal details his top twelve best front sevens in the NFL, and it’ll come as no surprise what team tops his list.

Here are a few juicy excerpts:

By the end of last season, Clowney and Mercilus were among the most devastating duos in football. Adding the best defensive player of the century to that tandem isn't fair.


J.J. Watt, Jadeveon Clowney and Whitney Mercilus are the best front-line trio in football because all three can play in multiple formations, on any down, against any style of offense.

Finally some real love for our Houston Texans this offseason, complete with a nice bit of video praise from Willie McGinest, who has never been shy with his admiration of all things Romeo Crennel.

Rosenthal does toss out a little shade with this, however:

If that happens, this trio could make up for so much: Tom Savage, a so-so Texans linebacker group...

Apparently, Rosenthal didn’t get the memo that linebacker’s make up a significant chunk of the front seven.

What do you think? Did Gregg get it right? Is he way off base? Fill us in in the comments section.