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Brock Osweiler Speaks: Won’t Discuss Houston, Believes He’s “Absolutely” Good Enough To Start

Texans fans are sure to be amazed by what came out of their former QB’s mouth today.

NFL: Cleveland Browns-OTA
He doesn’t lack for confidence. You have to give him that.
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Forgive this foray away from your Houston Texans, but Brock Osweiler just had his first extended media session since he was traded to the Browns. I imagine much of what the Texans’ former starting quarterback had to say will be of interest to the fans of the team that shipped him off to Cleveland.

Here is the Q&A in its entirety:

Some of the more notable blurbs from Osweiler:

Wow. It’s one thing for Brock to believe he’s still a starting quarterback in the NFL. It’s another entirely to cite to his performance last year—when he posted these numbers—as proof of that. I’m all for confidence, but that borders on outright delusion.

UPDATE: Cole Hartley, the funniest Jaguars fan on Twitter I’ve found, reacted appropriately to Osweiler’s claim.