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2017 NFL Draft: Anonymous Scouting Reports On D’Onta Foreman

Collected thoughts of some anonymous NFL personnel on the Texans’ third-round pick, RB D’Onta Foreman.

Notre Dame v Texas
D’Onta Foreman in 2016 against Notre Dame.
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The third Houston Texans2017 NFL Draft profile from Bob McGinn’s annual collected thoughts from anonymous NFL personnel is on D’Onta Foreman (in the context of the rest of the 2017 running back class). This pick was a bit of a surprise to a lot of people, considering Houston’s needs and some of the players still on the board, but certainly among those needs was a running back to pair with Lamar Miller.

7. D’ONTA FOREMAN, Texas (6-0, 234, 4.47, 3): Injury-ridden and without much production in first two seasons before breaking out for 2,028 yards as third-year junior in ’16. “Very similar to Perine except Foreman ran fast, which was a surprise,” one scout said. “But he’s not a starter.” The Longhorns’ first consensus All-American choice since RB Ricky Williams in 1998. “Plays in that (spread) offense,” said another scout. “Zone read, big holes. He’s just not an aggressive runner.” Finished with 433 carries for 2,782 (6.4) and 20 TDs with merely 13 catches for 146. “Straight-line guy,” said a third scout. “Can’t pass-block me.” From Texas City, Texas. “Don’t trust him,” a fourth scout added. “Is he David Johnson? Big guy, ran fast. He’s a big guy that thinks he’s a finesse running back. He’s got really nice feet. Poor in the passing game.”

Foreman makes sense as thunder to Miller’s lightning, but as the above hammers home, he’s not the best pass blocker. Nor has he been particularly good in the passing game. If the Bill O’Brien offense continues its current trajectory, he won’t get many chances in the passing game anyway. Let’s hope changes are in store on that front.

It feels as if Foreman can become a reliable short-yardage, punch-through back at the very least, OR hopefully a guy who can do that and also rip off big runs with his deceptive speed. I’m comfortable saying O’Brien has likely already yelled at Foreman about his fumbling issues.

Foreman is another high-character guy who should mesh well with the locker room. He figures to be the rookie of this class that potentially gets the second-most action behind Zach Cunningham.