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Texans Fans Will Love Deshaun Watson “One Shot” Documentary

This should be required viewing for Texans fans.

CFP National Championship
Can’t wait.
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The NFL followed Deshaun Watson around through his preparations for the 2017 NFL Draft, and fans of your Houston Texans should enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at our new quarterback. You can find links to the five-part documentary in this Reddit post.

If you were already in love with the idea of Watson becoming the Texans’ QB, this will only fan those flames. If you were on the fence, I daresay you’ll rest easier after watching how Watson conducts himself.

Once you watch “One Shot,” tell us what you think in the Comments.

UPDATE: Here’s Part Six, which includes footage of Watson getting drafted by the Texans (tip o’ the cap to Zeeshan for pointing it out).