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Las Vegas Sportsbook Publishes 2017 NFL Regular Season Win Totals

Most of the AFC South numbers make sense. Most. Not all.

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts
The Colts need more than just Luck, don’t they?
Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

With the 2017 NFL Draft comfortably behind us, the bettors at Bovada have released updated regular season win totals for each NFL team. Not surprisingly, they have your Houston Texans’ regular season win total at 8.5.

Houston Texans - 2017 Regular Season Win Total

Over 8½ (-130, 10/13)

Under 8½ (EVEN, 1/1)

Rather fitting for a squad that’s won nine (9) games each of the past three seasons.

What is a bit curious, however, is what they have projected for the rest of the AFC South. The Titans, I get.

Tennessee Titans - 2017 Regular Season Win Total

Over/Under 8½

Tennessee won nine games last year, and many believe they’ll be better this year, particularly after their draft haul and the prospect of a healthy/more experienced Marcus Mariota.

The Jaguars’ number makes sense, too.

Jacksonville Jaguars - 2017 Regular Season Win Total

Over 6 (-130, 10/13)

Under 6 (EVEN, 1/1)

No point on setting a number very high for Jacksonville until they finally have that breakthrough season people have been expecting the last couple of seasons.

But Indianapolis installed as the favorite in the division based upon regular season win totals?

Indianapolis Colts - 2017 Regular Season Win Total

Over 9 (EVEN, 1/1)

Under 9 (-130, 10/13)

Is this simply a case of trying to lure the public to bet on a big name in Andrew Luck? Are they banking on people not regularly watching the AFC South and thus not knowing how putrid the Colts’ defense has been? There’s no doubt Indianapolis got better this offseason on that side of the ball. Is Vegas trying to capitalize on a less than fully informed public, or do you expect the Colts to once again challenge—if not outright win—the division title in 2017?