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Saturday Night’s Alright For Commenting: June 10, 2017

The Texans’ offseason is in full swing, and the Rockets are prepping for the draft, so we’ve got the Astros to see us through the dog days of summer!

Kansas City Royals v Houston Astros
He looks hella uncomfortable.
Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Good evening, fellow Houston sports fans. We’re into June now, and the countdown to the Texans’ first game of the 2017 NFL season is down to double digits now, but we are sports fanatics. Right now, it’s the Astros giving us joy (I say this as I fully intend to troll my workplace by wearing my Astros shirt on Casual Friday next week).

Just because the Texans’ offseason is in full effect doesn’t mean that there’s no news coming out of Kirby. Instead, over the past week, we’ve heard DeAndre Hopkins discuss his contract situation, that Tom Savage is getting all the love at OTAs, the team has been shuffling offensive linemen in and out, NFL executives question the wisdom of our front office’s offseason decisions (though any decision that results in Brock Osweiler not playing for the Texans is alright by me), and members of the media predicting our season.

But that’s just Texans stuff, and I know that you like more than just this team (right?). The Astros are doing us proud (finally, after a long hard slog for lifelong ‘Stros fans), Tom Cruise has produced his worst-ever film (and he’s had some really cr@p ones), and Despacito is atop the charts (never heard it, and not upset about that), either. What’s going on in your lives? Anything we should know about?

This is where we get together to discuss just about everything under the sun (or in the pool—some of y’all are icky). Enjoy!