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2017 Houston Texans Training Camp: More Open Practice Sessions, But Not In Houston

There’s great news if you’re a Texans fan in or around West Virginia, though.

NFL: Houston Texans-Training Camp
Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

We knew that the Texans were going to hold at least part of their training camp in West Virginia this year. It would now appear “part” has become “most,” as the Texans announced their training camp schedule for 2017.

In short, the Texans will be camping at The Greenbrier from July 25th until August 17th, with fifteen of those training camp practices open to the public in West Virginia. The team will return to Houston the day before they host the Patriots for their second preseason game on August 19th. The Texans will then open two training camp sessions to fans in Houston on August 21st and 22nd.

Although it would appear the Texans are dramatically increasing the amount of access to the public from seasons past, it also appears that, at least right now, only two training camp practices in Houston will be open to local fans. How does that strike you?