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The Film Room: How Jordan Howard Ran Over The Entire NFL As A Rookie

Despite not having the best measurables in the world, Bears running back Jordan Howard dominated the league with all of the things that can’t be measured at all - vision, toughness, and heart.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Chicago Bears Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan Howard's astonishing rookie campaign in 2016 was as impressive as it was unexpected. The former fifth-round pick out of Indiana took over the starting running back job in Chicago in Week Four and went on to have one of the most productive rookie seasons in franchise history - outshining even the great Matt Forte in the process.

But all of that success begged the question - how could a running back with seemingly average physical talent put up elite numbers in his first year in the NFL? This week, we take a deep dive into Howard's tape to figure out exactly how he did it. Enjoy the show!