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The Texans’ Biggest Risk In 2017 Isn’t At Quarterback

That’s not coming from me. But another analyst thinks the Texans’ greatest concern looms elsewhere on the offense.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Houston Texans
Risky business?
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Tom Savage. Deshaun Watson.

Deshaun Watson. Tom Savage.

Odds are that you, Texans fans that you are, have uttered or written those names countless times this offseason as you grapple with the team’s outlook for the upcoming season. With a defense that’s expected to be exceptional once again, most believe that the 2017 Houston Texans will go as far as the offense, and specifically their quarterback, takes them. Without anything approaching a proven commodity at QB, I believe the vast majority of observers would opine that the greatest risk to the Texans’ success this year is under center, with offensive line likely earning second place in the analysis.

Not so, says Sean Tomlinson. He believes the Texans’ biggest risk lays elsewhere on the offense.

The Texans have hopefully, and mercifully, found a solution to their eternal quarterback problem after trading up to grab Deshaun Watson in the first round of the 2017 draft.

He'll be their starting quarterback soon; it's just a matter of how soon. But there's at least some concern over the depth of his supporting cast at wide receiver whenever that day comes. Specifically second-year wideout Will Fuller.

Having a receiver who struggles with drops can be a shattering experience for a rookie quarterback. Just ask Carson Wentz, the Eagles quarterback who was victimized by drops far too often in 2016.

Watson will have a premier deep threat at his disposal in DeAndre Hopkins. Fuller offers plenty of potential too, but it comes with slippery hands.

The 23-year-old had a blazing start to his rookie season when he recorded 211 receiving yards over his first two games. Then he added just 424 yards the rest of the season, largely because of drop issues. Fuller dropped five catchable balls and managed to reel in only 51.1 percent of his targets.

Fuller has plenty of speed, and he showed it at Notre Dame by averaging 17.4 yards per catch over three seasons. But he needs to correct his drop issues in a hurry.

If nothing else, I applaud the attempt to think outside the quarterback box. Do you believe that the Texans’ greatest risk entering 2017 is Will Fuller or, perhaps widening the analysis a bit, the wide receiver position in general? If not, where would you rank Fuller and/or the WRs among the team’s riskiest propositions this season?