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Saturday Night’s Alright for Commenting - July 15, 2017

Hello, good evening and welcome to—wait, did you hear that? It’s the faintly audible siren song of football calling!

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Ten days, ladies and gentlemen. 240 hours until Texans veterans and rookies are called from all corners of the country to gather together once more.

The flinging of pigskin and the sounds of large men shoving other large men will not fill the Texans training facility down on Kirby Drive. Instead, these blissful sounds will disrupt the unnecessary calm of a resort in the middle of God-knows-where West Virginia.

It’s less than ideal for everybody. Houston’s loyal fans do not get to watch and cheer for their players, even if they’re just running drills. West Virginia, forever awash in the substandard football of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Washington Potatoes will get to experience football as it’s meant to be enjoyed and then be summarily deprived of it, and the Texans will get to sit in the lap of luxury for about 10 minutes before Bill O’Brien begins yelling at them to stop sitting in the lap of luxury.

But at least it’ll be another chance to show how much we’re capable of in a neutral location against a bunch of yankees from New England who did something or other back in February; I can’t be expected to remember everything, you know.

At any rate, friends, enemies, and people who I don’t even know exist, training camp is nigh, and actual football-related substance is right around the corner. But until then, we’ll still have our content ourselves with some S.N.O.T. to get through yet another lazy summer weekend.

How was yours? Mine has gone pretty well. Just yesterday, I managed to prep, cook, and serve the burger that I’ve been developing (yes, I know you’re tired of hearing about this, but reading a couple of sentences about it will not kill you) in under one hour, per the requirements of the contest I’m entering it into. In the years I’ve been entering, this is the first time I’ve built a recipe that could be completed in that short an amount of time.

But seriously though, enough about me, tell me, tell us all, how your weekend is going and what’s on your mind. This is what this thread is about, after all.

Keep in mind the usual commenting and posting guidelines remain in effect; restrictions may apply, please see your waiter/waitress for details. And be sure to give him/her a good tip when you leave. It’s the least you can do.