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D’Onta Foreman’s Drug Test Came Back Clean

That’s a good thing for both the rookie and the Texans.

Notre Dame v Texas
High steppin’ in the face of vindication.
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

A little less than a week ago, D’Onta Foreman got arrested on weapon and drug charges. His attorney proceeded to release a statement in which he contended (1) the weapon was properly registered and secured and (2) D’Onta neither possessed nor used marijuana. There was also a pledge from the attorney that D’Onta would take a drug test to prove he hadn’t smoked weed. Last night, news broke that the Texans’ rookie running back had in fact taken the test, and that it came back with the result his lawyer said it would.

D’Onta seems happy with the vindication.

This doesn’t get Foreman out of the woods entirely, but it certainly represents a positive development.