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2017 Houston Texans Training Camp Preview: Tight Ends

Today’s camp preview takes a look at last season’s breakout position.

Houston Texans v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Texans’ tight end position was one of the few positions that thrived on last season’s lack luster offense. Houston’s offense is expected to be different this season so what exactly are some of the issues the TE’s on the Texans roster will have to deal with?

C.J Fiedorowicz’s Production:

C.J Fiedorowicz’s surprising production was one of last season’s feel good stories. After amassing just 21 receptions on 31 targets for just 195 yards in his first two seasons, CJF broke out for 54 receptions on 89 targets for 559 yards. CJF gained this kind of success due the Texans inability to throw the ball downfield, which lead to them focusing more and more on underneath routes. This is the same space the TE’s occupy within the Texans’ offense. Hopefully, the offense will improve so these kinds of routes aren’t the focal point of the offense. If this is the case then what kind of production will we see out of the former Iowa man this coming season?

TE Futures:

The future for the Texans’ TE position is heading into somewhat of a flux considering that C.J Fiedorowicz is heading into the final year of his contract. Back up TE Ryan Griffin signed a three year extension this off-season and second year TE Stephen Anderson will hopefully play this year after a season of fighting injuries and poor form last year. The biggest question regarding the future is if C.J Fiedorowicz will be able to play his way into a extension considering the money that the Texans still need to use to extend Jadeveon Clowney and DeAndre Hopkins?

So there are some of the issues regarding the TE’s heading into the season. What do you guys make of them? Do you think CJF will see the same kind of looks in the Texans’ offense this season? Do you think Stephen Anderson or Ryan Griffin will over take CJF? Let us know in the comments below. Will CJF play his way into a contract extension?