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Free Agency News: Zach Orr Visits Texans

Could the Texans bolster their LB corps just before training camp?

St Louis Rams v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Texans are just two days out from training camp beginning, but that doesn’t mean they still aren’t scouring the free agent market for potential upgrades. Per Mark Berman and Aaron Wilson:

Orr rose to prominence last year with the Baltimore Ravens, with whom he had a starring role that led to him being named on the All-Pro Second Team. After his performance last season, however, Orr seemingly retired from football citing ‘‘a congenital neck condition’’ . This retirement was cut short after Orr received a ‘‘encouraging diagnosis’’ on the condition, which has prompted him to try and find a spot on a NFL roster again

What do you make of this news, Texans fans? Do you want Orr on this team? Do you think he has a place amongst the Texans’ stocked linebacking corps?