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2017 Houston Texans Training Camp: Notes From Week One

We take a look through some of the observations from those at the first week of Texans training camp.

NFL: Houston Texans-Training Camp Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

The Texans’ first week of training camp is almost in the books. With that, we thought we’d take a glance through the notes of those who have been at the The Greenbrier in West Virginia over the past few days.

DeAndre Hopkins resurgence:

Houston’s best receiver had a down year last year, but he’s still oozing with quality. Texans analyst John Harris noted:

During 1-on-1s, he made a diving catch for a touchdown near the facility on a beautiful deep throw from Tom Savage. The great part about it, though, was that Hop put a double move on the corner and lost him. After throwing the deep ball short a few times on Wednesday, Savage threw it as far as he could to the back end of the field. Hopkins caught it. Later in team drills, Savage threw backshoulder into a crowded space to Hopkins. 10 caught it. He threw a backshoulder in the end zone. Hopkins caught it. Deshaun Watson threw a fade into the far corner of the end zone. Hopkins caught it...then toe tapped for the score. It was reminiscent of what Hopkins did in 2015 when he caught everything in sight and showed that he was the no doubt, best player on the field.

Having Hopkins back in form is going to be vital for the Texans’ offense. The QBs need a world class target to throw to.

Kevin Johnson’s return to action:

One of the big storylines heading into training camp was how Kevin Johnson would come back after missing part of last season with an(other) injury. The reviews have been nothing but positive for K-Jo so far, with Tyler Jackson of Baltimore Beatdown and Bleeding Green Nation, who is attending training camp, observing:

Kevin Johnson looks fantastic. He had a good day in one-on-ones against Will Fuller, and was very vocal.

John Harris echoed these sentiments of Johnson’s progression, stating:

Johnson was matched up on Will Fuller a couple of times during 1-on-1s and ran right with the former Notre Dame speedster. He knocked away one pass down the field and might, MIGHT, have gotten a little pass interference on the second one he knocked away as well. As a former defensive back, I’ll always have the defenders back so no, it was not PI. Anyhow, after he knocked that pass away, Johnson got up and proclaimed, loud enough for me to hear all the way on the other side of the field, “JUST GETTING WARMED UP!”

Deshaun Watson’s progress:

All eyes are going to be on Deshaun Watson over the next few weeks as he fights to overtake Tom Savage for the top spot on the QB depth chart. Bill O’Brien in particular has been looking for Watson to take a more local lead, according to Tyler Jackson:

BOB seems intent on getting Watson to be vocal and instill confidence.

There still are things for Watson to work on, however, with Jackson noting:

On one play the pocket started to collapse and he immediately tucked it and ran instead of looking to manipulate the pocket and keep his eyes down Field.

Braxton Miller impressing:

Miller may have had an underwhelming rookie season, but the reports out of training camp have been nothing but glowing, with John Harris noting that Miller has been torching the competition:

Miller’s trajectory is swinging way up. His route running and ability to get separation are without peer in this camp. He will completely lose guys trying to cover him and get yards of separation. He’s not thinking about it and it’s not slower than it needs to be. The timing is nearly perfect and will only get better.

Harris also writes that:

Wide receiver Braxton Miller looked really good, in my opinion. I saw a couple of his reps in 1-on-1s and he burned a defensive back on a deep ball that was underthrown, but later, he ran an inside route and left the cover guy yards behind him. If he can get separation and the ball finds his hands, whooo, that’s going to be fun to watch. The deep route is the one that stood out because we’ve all assumed that he’s going to be the slot receiving option on this team. However, if he can get down the field like that, it’s going to be a major plus.

Those are just some of the early impressions from the first week of Texans training camp. What do you think of these early reports? Anyone else you think deserves mention?