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The Film Room: Jay Ajayi’s Value In 2017

Fantasy Football is hard. This week’s episode of “The Film Room” will attempt to make it just a bit easier.

NFL: New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Jay Ajayi’s breakout 2016 campaign for the Dolphins has him firmly near the top of most fantasy running back rankings heading into this coming season, but plenty of owners and analysts remain skeptical that his notoriously “boom or bust” production will ever become more consistent.

Last year, it seemed as though for every 200-yard rushing performance Ajayi put out, he flopped his way through an equal number of sub-50-yard performances, leaving his owners panicking in confusion. This week on “The Film Room,” we break down those individual booms and busts to diagnose just why Ajayi’s production was so erratic and what numbers we can expect from him in 2017. Enjoy!