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Why Everyone Should Root For The Texans

Need more reasons to be a Texans fan? Look no further...

Texas Draft X’s Adam Rank did a piece recently on why the Houston Texans are worthy of praise and fandom.

While Rank left out the rabid hyperbolic insanity that occurs in my house when people ask about the boys from H-Town, he did have some great points that would be hard to argue with should anyone be so inclined. First, he touched on a little history, because you have to know where ya came from to know where you’re going, right?

The league conditionally awarded the 32nd franchise to Los Angeles, which was without a team after the Rams and Raiders left. Living out here in Southern California, the news of a brand new expansion team was met with overwhelming apathy. I mean, I was excited; I was an intern for NFL Publishing at the time. But the guy running the PR campaign for the Houston franchise, Chip Namis, was right when he told me I was the only guy in L.A. who cared. Unsurprisingly, L.A. couldn't get its poop together, and Bob McNair was ready to pounce. Thus, the Texans were born. People in L.A. would instead go on to enjoy a Lakers three-peat, so we were fine.

I was in Los Angeles when the 32nd NFL franchise was announced and, despite what Rank and the PR guy said, I was excited. Sadly, the two of us had no chance selling out the LA Coliseum. The lack of buzz from people all around bothered me a lot at the time, I couldn’t really understand it. Why wouldn’t people be excited about a brand new NFL team? Especially after what the Carolina Panthers and Jacksonville Jaguars had done early on as expansion franchises?

I became even more excited when I found out the franchise was going to Houston instead of LA. You see, at the time, the Raiders ruled the LA basin, in spite of the small handful of Rams fans still floating around in a daze, wondering why their team would ever go to some place they only heard of via a label on a beer can. Those two teams left simply because the City of Angels had no viable interest in an NFL franchise, despite the fact that the NFL was THE spectacle of all spectacles. Maybe people in LA are just so overstimulated with blockbuster film insanity that the modern equivalent of the Roman Gladiatorial Games is merely yawn-worthy at best?

Thankfully, Houston had a fan base that was hungry for a team. Plus, H-Town is better, regardless. Beating the Cowboys in the first regular season game proved there was no turning back and this team’s fan base would stick.

It took about a decade, but the Texans have become one of the most consistent teams in the NFL. They have secured a winning record in five of the last six seasons, reaching the playoffs four times in this span. The defense has seemingly always been legit. The quarterback position has been, well, under construction. But the Texans are coming off a second consecutive AFC South title and they could be even better this season.

With the historical march of the Houston Astros playing out before our eyes right now, it’s hard to think the Texans could have a similar season. Could Houston fans be so lucky?

Rewinding a bit, Rank let it be known he’s not down with the mess left on David Carr’s doorstep, either.

Oh, I'm sorry -- David didn't get a chance to sit behind a Hall of Fame quarterback for a number of years before stepping into the starting lineup of one of the winningest organizations in recent NFL history? Shame. On. Him. Some players get thrown into the fire quickly for a bad team. David had to join an expansion team. And remember, the NFL owners were chagrined when the Panthers and Jaguars reached the championship round in their second year. The Texans weren't going to be afforded such luxuries. No one was going to take them lightly -- like, Hey, it's just some expansion team ... Kind of like when the new kid moves to town and everybody is just kind of cool to him. That wasn't going to happen this time. So his career was basically over before he had a chance to even start. And you know what? He did pretty damn well, given the circumstances and a complete lack of an offensive line. So step off.

He wrapped it all up with some comments we all know but are worth repeating.

Having that good defense means your team is always going to be competitive. And it has, even without a lot of consistency at quarterback. If the Texans could ever get that quarterback position figured out, oh lordy, it would be amazing.

I’ll let you read the rest of what he has to say about J.J. Watt, Whitney Mercilus, DeAndre Hopkins, and D.J. Reader for yourself.

What do you tell people looking for a reason to pick a team to root for?

I met a guy last weekend who let his wife - newly inducted into NFL fandom - choose the Patriots to be her team. Sounds like grounds for a divorce to me...

Don’t be that guy.

Let us know why you root for the Texans and why everyone else should as well!