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The Film Room: Tyreek Hill Among Texans’ Biggest Challenges In 2017

There are not many offensive weapons that can change a game all by themselves, but the Chiefs have one of them in second-year receiver Tyreek Hill.

NFL: AFC Divisional-Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill might already be one of the most dangerous weapons in the NFL despite starting his career as merely a role player in the Kansas City offense. Whether he's on the field as a wideout, running back, returner, or anything in between, Hill has proven thus far that he can take any touch to the house in an instant, regardless of alignment or field position.

So when KC released their former number one receiver, Jeremy Maclin, a while ago, it begged the question - how will Hill's role change now that he is presumably the "top dog" in the Chiefs’ receiving corps? Additionally, what are the biggest problems Hill poses to the Texans’ defense when they face him again in Week Five of the 2017 season? Those are the topics that we will be exploring in depth in this week's episode of The Film Room.

Enjoy the show!