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2017 Houston Texans Training Camp Live: Day Six

Follow along the sixth day of Texans’ training camp here at Battle Red Blog.

Ryan Dunsmore

The team is back at again with that football practice after being off yesterday. Even if the team wasn’t out there working and getting better, there was still some huge news. Houston signed safety Marcus Gilchrist to a one year deal to possibly play strong safety. He maybe on the field as soon as today to compete with Corey Moore and who knows who else. If you missed practice last week you can read Luke’s recap. Oh, and the preseason begins on August 9th against the Carolina Panthers. Until then, follow along on what is occurring out at The Greenbrier here at Battle Red Blog.

Here’s the schedule for Texans training camp. Practice will begin at 9:30 CDT.

Here’s how to follow along via Twitter.

Enjoy Day Seven, everyone.