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2017 Houston Texans Training Camp: Camp Favorites

Who do you like?

NFL: Preseason-New Orleans Saints at Houston Texans

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Summer camp is now over. Yesterday the Texans concluded their practices with the New England Patriots, and are a better team now because of it. Today they are packing up their bags because the West Virginia portion of training camp has come to a conclusion. Luckily for them, social media and the internet exists, so they can still keep in touch with all the new friends they created so many new memories with these past three weeks. Tomorrow they travel back home, and Saturday they play their second preseason game.

With the West Virginia mountains now residing in the past and only in memory, it marks a shift in where the team is in training camp. After this second preseason game cuts will probably made. The roster is going to become sturdier once the flakes are scratched off. Soon the season will begin.

This is where we are at on the calendar. And with this landmark comes a few very important questions that I have for you. I don’t follow training camp news, or the preseason very much, so I want your input because I don’t know much of anything.

Which players have stood out the most during training camp? Which unknown players do you think will make the team, or are you hoping to see it make it? Are there any veteran players you see possibly getting cut?

Sound off in the comments below.