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Texans 27, Patriots 23: Post-Game Recap

The Texans-Patriots game is over and done.

NFL: New England Patriots at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

I smiled long and open, strewn with teeth. In the first quarter, J.J. Watt ripped over the left guard, used his arms to tear the fence apart, and tackled Rex Burkhead in the backfield. Football is actually very good. Football is back. Watt is back. I missed it, and I missed things like this.

Sure, other things happened. The Texans ran a 4th and 6 red zone draw. Lamar Miller ran the ball up the middle unsuccessfully. Bruce Ellington took Keith Mumphery’s jersey and actually did something with it. Jaelen Strong ran a nasty route and chewed up Malcolm Butler on a slant route touchdown; hopefully he is going to do something with the opportunity given to him via Will Fuller V’s collarbone. Tyler Ervin looked fast in white pants and white socks. The sideline got in the way of a Andre Hal interception. The New England Patriots should have never been allowed to get Mike Gillislee, let alone Rex Burkhead. Houston’s punt team is just as it always was and always will be. Capable and competent are the best words to describe Deshaun Watson, even if the results weren’t entirely there.

Some other things happened. The Texans beat the New England Patriots 27-23.