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Former NFL Starting Quarterback At Rock Bottom

I have this weird sense of something relating to our lives happening here, but I can’t remember exactly what.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Cleveland Browns Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Texans employed the worst starting quarterback in the league last year not named Jared Goff. Goff was at least a rookie quarterback being led by a Stonehenge coaching staff, stuck playing behind a seeping offensive line, with no real skill players aside from Kenny Britt, on an offense with a terrible run game. Goff was terrible , but the situation around him was just as bad.

Houston, on the other hand, handed $16 million a year to lure [Name Redacted] away from Denver. The quick-to-hurry-at-the-sight-of-a-mouse-of-pressure, inaccurate, can’t-do-anything-if-there-are-two-safeties quarterback, who even made DeAndre Hopkins a shell of himself, was traded along with a second round pick to Cleveland in a salary dump a few months ago.

Since that time,Brock Osweiler has been looking to find his Denver groove in Cleveland. New things. Different city. Browner locker room. Brighter life. He spent the summer as the team’s starting quarterback, dumping passes off in highlight videos and missing throws in preseason games. With highly talented, spotty accuracy, OMG-throwing rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer behind Osweiler, nothing was certain. And well, now, the former Texans’ quarterback will spend the beginning of Cleveland’s third preseason game watching said rookie quarterback.

Brock’s redemption story will probably never lift off no matter how badly he wants it to. He will most likely end up as another example of quarterbacklust, another Nick Foles type, broken down on the side of the metaphorical highway. To hear more about what this millionaire man is going through, read Mike Freeman’s story on this player at Bleacher Report. Some interesting stuff from the player himself is below.

"I knew a little about Kurt's life, but I really learned about it watching that show. I thought, 'Why can't that be me? Why can't I make a comeback? Why can't I be a champion in this league?'"

"It doesn't matter what people think of me. I'm not looking backwards. I'm not looking at what happened in Houston. I have no bad feelings toward them. I'm here to be a starting quarterback in this league. I know I can be.

"Nothing is going to deter me from believing in myself. When I walk around here, I'm encouraged, and the entire environment is supportive. I feel like I have a fair chance to succeed here."

"I think that's something that slid last season," Osweiler told reporters in June, speaking of his fundamentals. "I'm not going to go into great detail on that, but they did. My fundamentals slid, and because of that, you saw some poor decisions and some poor throws. If you go back to 2015 (in Denver), I feel like my fundamentals were pretty tight."

"I'm confident in what I can do. Anything can happen in the NFL."

Read the rest of the article here, which includes information on why he fell apart last year in Houston, the warning signs that his Broncos teammates saw that John Elway didn’t while he was in Denver, and if there is any chance of his dreams ever becoming actuality.