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Stay Safe, Texans (And Non-Texans) Fans

You may have read something about a hurricane ravaging Texas.

Texas Gulf Coast Cleans Up After Hurricane Ike
Eat fecal matter, Mother Nature.
Photo by Smily N. Pool-Pool/Getty Images

I write this from my house—not a bar, which I understand could be a surprise to many of you—about 10:30 p.m. CDT on Friday night. It’s raining right now, but it’s not raining hard. By all accounts, the worst is yet to come for our great state, though Hurricane Harvey has made landfall.

I wish I had something profound to say, but I don’t. We’ve seen the effects of hurricanes in Houston in the last decade, and it sucks. Harvey isn’t Ike, and Ike isn’t Harvey, but the potential for damage is significant.

No one has any verifiable idea what’s going to happen over the next several days. All we know is that it seems likely to be very bad for a very sizable chunk of Texas. Maybe Houston will be spared from the worst of it; maybe it won’t. Regardless, many Texans (not just the football playing variety) are going to suffer, and that’s awful. If it’s not me or you, it will be our neighbors in Corpus or Rockport or Padre or Victoria or somewhere else that doesn’t deserve it, and that hurts.

In that spirit, I wish all of you and yours the safest path possible over what could be a truly painful next week (or more). If it helps you to vent or commiserate on BRB, we’re here for you. Stay well.