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BRB Hurricane Harvey Update: August 28, 2017

It’s like the Newswire, but like a “once-in-a-thousand-years” Newswire.

Epic Flooding Inundates Houston After Hurricane Harvey
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

A lot has changed around Houston—for the worse, in many cases—since we had our first check-in post yesterday. There’s some reason for cautious optimism as it pertains to the forecast going forward, though we know these things can change on a dime and often do.

In the meantime, stay safe. If you need to vent, ask for help, or simply want to update others on how things are in your part of town, make good use of the Comments. If you want some ideas on how to help the recovery effort, here’s a list of possibilities to consider. If you just want to send prayers or good thoughts our way, we’ll gladly take those too.

This has been, and unfortunately continues to be, a historically bad event. It’s about to stand alone among flooding weather disasters in this country.

But hell if I’m not heartened by all the stories of neighbors helping their fellow man. The worst situations often bring out the absolute best in people, and it’s stuff like this that makes me beyond proud to be a Houstonian.

That dude, like everyone else who is so selflessly putting themselves out there to help, should never have to buy another beer in this town.