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Hirt’n For Houston

Texans continue to help other Texans.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Houston Texans Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

In 2003, a young man named Cody Hirt joined the Houston Texans organization, where he was part of Team Toro for the next two seasons. In that time, he participated in all sorts of events aimed at uplifting Texans fans young and old. From silly skits performed on game day, to Texans fan events and the occasional Toro video, Cody was an integral part of bringing Toro to Houston each and every week.

After leaving the Texans, Cody went on to create a non-profit organization called Veteran Outdoors, aimed at taking ailing veterans on their dream hunting trip to “Give Back to Those Who Gave.” VO soon was featured in their own reality TV show for two seasons and continues to bless ailing veterans to this day.

Currently, Cody and his beautiful family live in a nice, upscale neighborhood north of Austin, Texas, far from the devastation Hurricane Harvey has brought to the Texas coastline and his beloved Houston.

When the floods began, instead of sitting back in his cozy living room enjoying family time, Cody mobilized a few friends, including members of the Veteran Outdoor crew, solicited the use of a few boats, and headed straight into the teeth of Harvey without hesitation.

For the last four days, Cody and crew have saved dozens and dozens of people from their flooded homes, sweeping through neighborhoods searching for trapped men, women, children, and pets, taking them to safety and then moving on to the next neighborhood.

This is the quality of person Bob McNair and his employees hire into the Texans organization.

While we can sit back and debate the quarterback, offensive schemes, dominance of defense or any other aspect of Houston Texans football, what truly matters in life is unfolding before our very eyes.

Despite what the national media would have us believe, based on recent events in Charleston, SC or various protests, social movements, or other fabricated levels of “news”, what’s happening right now in Houston shows how great the people of this city, state, and country truly are. From churches to grocery stores, to guys who used to dress up like a bull just to make kids laugh, by doing its worst, Harvey has brought out the best in so many.

From all of us at Battle Red Blog, I’d just like to say thank you to all the Cody Hirts of the world. While J.J. Watt managed to get the Tennessee Titans to pony up a million dollars for relief efforts, individuals like Cody, his partners Toby Nunn, Brad Strittmatter, and so many others will remain forever in the story of what makes America great.

If you find yourself in Georgetown Texas after this is all over, swing by Cody’s Mesquite Creek Outfitters and buy Cody and his crew a beer. They’ve earned it.