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Battle Red Radio: My Friend Marcus

Matt Weston and Thomas Gower of Football Outsiders preview the Tennessee Titans’ 2017 season LIVE at 7 p.m. CDT.

Tennessee Titans v Kansas City Chiefs
I wish Mike looked at me like that.
Photo by Reed Hoffmann/Getty Images

The Titans ruined their chance to win the AFC South title last year thanks to a devastating loss to the playing-for-nothing Jaguars, Marcus Mariota fracturing his leg, and Randy Bullock missing a field goal which allowed the Texans to clinch on Christmas Eve. Tennessee murdered an AFC South Championship game. This year, they won’t be surprising anyone. This year, they are the favorite to win the division. TITAN UP, BABY.

I want Paul Kuharsky’s old AFC South job. So just like last year, I’ll be previewing the AFC South here at Battle Red Blog. This afternoon, LIVE via the spoken word LIVE at 7 p.m. CDT, it’s the Titans with Tom Gower of Football Outsiders.

Topics include the why of Tennessee’s 2016 offensive improvement, the dichotomy residing in their passing offense, favorite Tennessee offensive linemen, Corey Davis’ potential impact, whether the offseason moves were enough to fix the secondary, the end of Antwon Blake, and whether or not the Titans’ defense can be good enough.

The drill will be the same always and forever. Leave whatever questions you have in the comments, and we will answer them at the end of the show. Whether you listen or not (which you should), all questions are welcome and we are grateful for whatever you throw at us.

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Thanks for staying awhile and listening. Enjoy the show while you do whatever it is that you do.