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Let’s Go To Work, BRB

Houston helps Houstonians, and we’re beginning with one family here at BRB.

Southeast Texas Inundated After Harvey Makes Second Pass Over The Region
We’ve had enough of you, Harvey.
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

We’ve been pondering different ways we can assist the Harvey relief effort here at BRB. No one is going to confuse our reach with that of J.J. Watt, but we have a couple of different things on the menu. Time to unveil the first one.

There are many deserving charities to which you can donate your time or money. We’re going to take a more micro view with this post. Yesterday, BFD came across the Twitter account of a BRBer and alerted the rest of the staff to this community member’s plight. His name is Juan Rodriguez, Jr., and his family’s house, like so many others in Texas, was destroyed by Harvey.

BRB may not be big enough to help on the scale of a national charitable endeavor, but I do believe we can make a big difference for one family. So let’s do it.

Juan has set up a GoFundMe page for contributions to help rebuild his family’s home. As I type this, about $2,700.00 has been donated. Juan has set the goal at $5,000.00, and I know BRB can help him reach (maybe even exceed, J.J. Watt style) that. If you can give something—anything—please consider doing so. I know many of us have suffered ourselves or have other causes at which we have to direct our assistance. I get it. But if you can find it in your heart and wallet to give to the Rodriguez family, I know they’d be eternally grateful.

Here’s the link for the Rodriguez Family GoFundMe. Please donate if you can.

Furthermore, if you know of another family we can help, please e-mail me directly. We’ll spread the word on their behalf, too. BRB gives us a platform, and if we’re not going to use it for good, what’s the point?

Let’s go to work.