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BRB Fundraiser: Buy A T-Shirt, Help The Houston Food Bank

Thanks to Web Community Tees, we have another way for Texans fans to help those who were hurt by Harvey.

Still Unbroken

I mentioned earlier today that we had had a few ideas about how to assist in relief from Hurricane Harvey. The first one was through donations to a specific Houston family. This post is about another way to help a local charity.

Through SB Nation’s partnership with Web Community Tees, we have arranged for all proceeds from the sale of this new BRB t-shirt to go directly to The Houston Food Bank. Credit for the incredible design should go to our own UprootedTexan; he came up with the idea and the graphic wizards at Web Community Tees made it a reality. The shirt is available in white, gray, and (battle) red.

Confession: I was initially a bit reticent about memorializing such a horrific event. But the positive message conveyed by the shirt—one that I think so accurately shows what our great city is all about—and the vital fact that a truly outstanding charity will reap the rewards from all sales outweighs the potential negativity in my mind.

Thus, here’s what I’d humbly suggest, Texans fans...

1. Buy a shirt by clicking here. Buy more than one, even.

2. Take solace in the fact that your decision to buy a shirt benefited The Houston Food Bank.

3. Know that your purchase means people who need the services of The Houston Food Bank will get the help they need.

Questions? Concerns? Additional thoughts? Please leave ‘em in the Comments.

UPDATE (10/13/17): Thanks to BRB and WCT, $1,010.05 was donated to The Houston Food Bank as a result of this campaign. On behalf of everyone here at BRB, thank you for your kindness and willingness to help those in need.