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SITE NEWS: Not A New Offensive Tackle, Just A New Contributor

Battle Red Blog's newest writer details his journey as a Texan fan and why he decided to begin blogging.

NFL: Houston Texans at New Orleans Saints Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

I was blessed at a young age to be surrounded by football. For Halloween, I was always a University of Texas football player. As a child, I did not use regular chess boards; I had a chess set where all the pieces were football players. Bobbleheads decorate my room commemorating the best to play the game. My dad bought Houston Texans season tickets the moment they came out. Even when I was too short to see much of the action, he stood me on the seat to make sure I could capture every essence of the game. I was given a football helmet before I was even in a pee-wee league.

To say that I was groomed to love and play football honestly is not something I will argue with. It just so happens that I am too small and lack Darren Sproles' speed to make my dreams come true. I think I realized my inability to ever amount to a college prospect when sophomore year, our high school's starting offensive tackle thought I was working too hard in practice and drove me into the ground, breaking my collarbone; he did not even look back. Even though I continued to play throughout high school, I knew that I would be ultimately be in the stands on Saturdays and Sundays. However, what I lacked in size I gained in football knowledge. Now in my senior year in college at the University of Texas at Austin (Hook 'em!), I have become that guy in the stands who is yelling or cheering before the running back gets to the line of scrimmage. My love of football has always been a source of joy that I can now share with the Battle Red Blog legion of followers. I will try to bring great content in the hopes that you learn something new every day about the Texans.

The Texans are a great team with a loyal fan base and an owner who is among the most respected in the league. When times are tough, and they have definitely been tough for all of us recently, we lean on our Texans to provide inspiration and a break from reality. Even when they break our hearts and lose to Jacksonville, I still know that these boys are my favorite team and will forever be in some of my favorite memories. My favorite Texans memory is from 2011, watching the Texans demolish the Titans 41-7 and seeing Titans fans file out of the stadium. For the first time in my mind, we dominated a team so thoroughly that the other team laid down and said, 'we have had enough'. If you don’t remember, Arian Foster caught a pass from Matt Schaub and ran 78 yards while putting the entire Titans’ defense on skates. I hope we can get some more victories like that soon.

I am excited to join the Battle Red Blog team and begin writing about the Houston Texans. It has always been great to be a fan of the Texans, and now I get to write about them. We have (at least) 15 more weeks of action-packed Houston Texans football and I cannot wait to share them with you.