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2017 NFL Power Rankings: Where Do The Texans Stand After Week One?

After this week’s loss, where do websites have the Texans ranked?

Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans
Come on, Week Two.
Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

After Houston’s 29-7 home loss to Jacksonville on Sunday in a game they were favored to win, it’s safe to say that the Texans have fallen in every major site’s power rankings this week.

CBS Sports: 23, down 8 spots.

ESPN: 26, down 12 spots.

Elliot Harrison, 26, down 12 spots.

Sports Illustrated: 25, down 14 spots.

Yahoo Sports: 26, down 4 spots.

Bleacher Report: 29, down 10 spots.

All sites agree: The Texans failed to meet expectations and their performance ranked at the bottom of the league. Of course, Week 1 is bound to feature the most dramatic of rises and falls.

Do you agree with where these sites have the Texans ranked amongst their NFL brethren?