Howdy Brb, I've heard some folks want to serve up some crow.

I was going to wait and write this after the Bengals game, but I wanted to get it out of the way. I promised to write a fan post about how wrong I was about Touchdown Tommy. So here it is. Anyone saying I'm not a man of my word can go ... Well you get the drift. Touchdown Tommy surely showed that he couldn't hack it against the four guys rushing him last Sunday. Neither could Mr. Watson. 10 sacks. That was surely all on Touchdown Tommy. If you want to be honest, the whole fiasco of last Sunday rests solely on Tom Savage. His total ineptitude led to our humiliating defeat.

That being said, let me grovel at the feet of those who knew better than me. I humbly oppologise for my attempt at positivity in what should have been a glaringly obvious situation. I'm sure that all of those who were so butt hurt about my attempting to add some light hearted uplifting discourse to this blog will be happy to know how downtrodden and disheartened by my wrongness that I am. I'm so ashamed that I was wrong on the internet. God forbid that anyone would try and bring hope and happiness. This is the Internet. For all of my shortcoming in my football analysis, I humbly apologize. I'm so sorry if I've offended anyone with my "take" on this season. I mean, this is all super important. And being right or wrong is the dick measuring of the Internet, isn't it? So for you Texson, Huggy, Brice, Nash, and any other person who took offense to my comments, I'm sorry. You guys were right, I was wrong.

Now let me finish this up. I've been a member of BRB since 2011. I've been a fan of this team since it's been a team. I've learned so much about the game of football by coming here. I stumbled across it while looking up news about the Texans. I was amazed at the knowledge that was being imparted and the friendly banter in the comment section. I joined. Other than emails and texts, I was a complete rookie in the world of the Internet comment section. I would make silly comments that were pretty much ignored by the "in crowd". You see, it was a little different back then, you had to add some substance or at least be funny to get a reply back then. That year we drafted a guy named Kareem Jackson. And we, under good old Frank Bush decided to roll with a secondary made up of all rookies. It didn't go well, but I jumped on the Kareem bandwagon thinking that this guy might just be ok with some experience. I posted some nonsense about him and Rivers jumped on me like a snake on a rat. He dressed me down for my poor knowledge of football. He was right about my football knowledge. He was wrong about Kareem. KJ isn't going to be in the hall of fame, but he is a decent corner, not the worst one to ever play the game. The thing about this, is that while Rivers may have dressed me down, he never talked down to me for my fandom. He was almost polite in his explanation and started responding to my posts. We built a kind of rapport that continued until he left the blog. Later that year I was in a conversation with Andrethegreat about something that he ended up being wrong about and made the comment that I owned his soul for it. It was a silly thing, but at that point, I felt like I was one of the guys. I loved jesting with ATG about owning his soul and telling him I kept it in a jar in my pantry. Soon I was more or less accepted by all of the folks here. They became my internet friends. Some of them I've met in real life and we continue very good friendships. I've shared things on this blog about my actual life that have been responded to in ways that friends would respond. Mrs. B sent me some DVD's when I was hurt by a bull. All of this made BRB my go to for not only Texans news, but a place to hang out with my buds.

As with any friendships, there are things about them that irritate us. I'll be the first to admit that I can be a snarky son of a bitch. All of my friends tell me so. Sometimes I like to "poke the bear" as Dillo so eloquently said the other day. I'm not a perfect person. I have a lot of shortcomings. I drink more than I should on occasion. I'm profane at times. My humor tends to be a bit bawdy for mixed company. Worst of all, I won't take shit from people reguardless if I'm wrong. I'm bull headed like that. I tend to dig in and get insulting. If during those times on this blog, I've insulted or offended anyone, I seriously apologize. But. Some of the things that have been said to me on this site have made my blood run cold. I've had people email me and call me a faggot for disagreeing with them. I've been talked to as if I was simple for expressing my opinion. I won't tolerate it. I would hope any of you wouldn't either. The tone around here no longer brings me the joy that it once has. Too many people trying to show that they are right and everyone who disagrees is stupid for being wrong. I could actually care less about being wrong. I'm not a football coach. My experience in football is a couple of years in junior high and high school sitting on the bench. So when people tell me I'm wrong about something I post, I don't usually get offended, but when it gets degrading, I get my feathers ruffled. As someone who doesn't really go anywhere else on the internet to interact with people, I have the mindset of " that fucker wouldn't dare talk to me like that face to face" . That's the gist of it. We are all safe behind our keyboards and wouldn't dare take a stance in person that they would in the realative safety of our computer. We can be as insulting, vulgar, or crass as we choose. This place used to have some pretty strict rules. They helped keep in check some of the Internet braggadocio that goes on. It also kept from a polarization of the participants. We were all just Texans fans. Now it's not that way. There are different camps. And they are free to espouse the divisions that divide us. Kind of like our nation. Politics, religion. Those were forbidden. Now people feel free to talk about them and further add to the division. I quit responding to some of the posters that were explicit in Dillo leaving the blog. These are Texans fans that have inside to give and valid opinions on football. I dismiss them. It should have never happened. Many were to blame. It was the beguining of the end. Now people ridicule others for political beliefs and religious beliefs with impunity here. It should not be so. We are here to talk as friends. Not to belittle or begrudge anyone. There are other places for this type of conversation. Sadly, I think that the masthead has given up on policing all of us children. That's the way we are behaving. Like children. I'm right, you're wrong. I'm smart and you're stupid.

I miss the days gone by, like any old person. I hope for a better future and life. For those of you that know me, I hope that all is well for you and you have a great season rooting for our boys. I pray for Emily, my friend, and hope she lives a long healthy life. S4T, we may not have started out as friends, but I'm hopeful that one day we can sit down and have a few beers. You are a great guy. Fosterchild doesn't post anymore, but he's one of the funniest guys to ever post here. MDC, thanks for all of the BBQ knowledge. Stay safe brother. My Marine friend, thanks for having my back I'll be talking to you Fred. LT, you are great. Don't quit holding on to your values. You are a stalwart. Mrs. B, class. You are indeed the class of this blog. Thanks. Buckko, you wonderfully obstinate fucker, I love you man. Tim, thanks for all of your work herding cats. This has to have become a nightmare for you at times. Thanks for building this wonderful place. BFD, you are great. We must get together for a game this season. Let me know when, I'll drive to Austin. NSN, what can I say? You made this place so much fun. Andrethegreat great, wherever you are, thanks for welcoming me to this place. Dillo, I'll be talking to you my brother. Poolswami, newbraunsfels isn't that far away... Shake, Wotan, Capt. Ron, Kdentify, I deeply care about y'all. Thanks for being so friendly to me. Gerb, lol, you make me smile and yet still teach me. That's a gift. For Matt and Brett and all of the writers here, thanks for teaching more about football than I ever though I would learn. You're the best. I can't keep,this up so I'll just finish with this. Those of you wishing that I would eat crow about being wrong on this place, I can cook it better than any of you could ever dream of, so I'll enjoy my dinner without your aggravation. Farewell BRB.