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Deshaun Watson’s First NFL Rushing Touchdown...In T-Shirt Form!

So Texans fans will never forget what their rookie QB did in his first NFL start, we now have a t-shirt to memorialize it.

BRB DW4 T-Shirt
Tony Henson

The Texans’ victory over the Bengals on Thursday Night Football a week ago didn’t have a whole lot of offensive highlights.

With one rather significant exception, at least for Texans fans.

After the game, our pals over at Web Community Tees (the same company that produced this BRB t-shirt, with all proceeds going to The Houston Food Bank) reached out to us about putting together a new shirt to memorialize Deshaun Watson’s first rushing touchdown in the NFL. Between their graphic skills and MDC’s snark, this shirt was born. It’s available in (deep steel) blue or (battle) red.

I doubt any Texans fan worth his or her salt will forget DW4’s historic, prime-time TD run anytime soon. But why risk it? And why not have an original shirt that non-BRBers will no doubt envy you for?

You can order one or a dozen of your own by clicking here. Wear it with pride.