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2017 College Football Live: Week Four

Take off the pants and enjoy today’s college football party here at Battle Red Blog.

NCAA Football: Houston at Texas State Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Today Texas State and UTSA are playing each other in football. Since the University of Texas and Texas A&M no longer play each other because of money and booster bickering, this version of maroon against orange is now the premiere Texas football rivalry.

It’s a hand-me-down version of a Texas Thanksgiving tradition. The kids are online making fun of each other. People are going to go blind at the tailgate. UTSA is going to win and the visitors are going to realize they made an enormous mistake by going to the school they went to. Maybe one day, one of these schools will play in a bowl game. Multiply this game across a century and who knows what happens?

UT and A&M really just need to play each other again.

These are the big games today:

11 a.m. Texas Tech v. Houston (ABC/ESPN2)

2:30 p.m. (#16) TCU at (#6) Oklahoma State (ESPN)

3 p.m.: Purdue at Michigan (#8) (FOX)

5:30 p.m.: Oklahoma (#3) at Baylor (FS1)

6 p.m.: Mississippi State (#17) at Georgia (#11) (ESPN)

6:30 p.m.: Penn State (#4) at Iowa (ABC)

6:30 p.m.: UTSA at Texas State (ESPN3)

8 p.m.: Washington (#7) at Colorado (FS1)

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