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Sunday Night Football Open Thread - Raiders vs. [Potatoes]

If you’ve drunk away the ending of today’s Texans game, steel yourselves for tonight’s Sunday Night tilt.

All the Texans ladies love ‘em some UprootedTexan. Y’all know it.

Hi. How are you? Would you like some cookies? Yeah, that was a rough ending to an otherwise pretty great game, but you know what? The show must go on. And to that end, we must go on to watch more football.

So for your evening entertainment and edification (no that word doesn’t make sense here but I’m leaving it in because alliteration), we have Marshawn Lynch, David-Sorry-Derek Carr, who is a far lesser quarterback than Deshaun Watson, and the Raiders going against Kirk Cousins, and a bunch of other players for the Washington [Potatoes]* on Sunday Night.

The rest of the thread is yours to do with as you, mostly, please. The usual commenting rules apply, be excellent to each other and party on y’all.

*Before anyone starts accusing me of PC-ing this thread, or whatever the hell, I just don’t like using the [Potatoes]’ actual team name, so I use potatoes; because everybody likes potatoes.