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Deshaun Watson Donated His First NFL Game Check To Three NRG Stadium Cafeteria Employees

No, I’m not crying. YOU’RE CRYING.

Houston Texans v Carolina Panthers
“I’m comin’ for that crown of kindness, goodness, and charity, J.J.!”
Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

J.J. Watt ain’t the only member of your Houston Texans who’s helping those who felt the wrath of Hurricane Harvey. The team’s rookie starting quarterback got in on the act, too.

You can watch video of the gift here:

The challenging road Deshaun Watson took to the NFL has been well chronicled. If you haven’t watched “One Shot,” which told Watson’s story leading up to and immediately after the 2017 NFL Draft, I strongly recommend you do so.

Perhaps the greatest testament to Deshaun Watson’s character is that I’m not the least bit surprised to learn he donated his first NFL game check to three ladies who lost everything in Hurricane Harvey and just so happen to work in the NRG Stadium cafeteria. By all accounts, the dude is a genuinely good person. As with J.J. Watt and so many other Texans, we’re lucky we get to root for him on Sundays.