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BRB Group Think: Should The Texans Trade Duane Brown?

Duane Brown still has yet to play a snap. Neither side is budging. The masthead gets together to explore a possible end to this standoff, trading Duane Brown.

NFL: AFC Wild Card-Oakland Raiders at Houston Texans
Having a tackle that can lock down a player like Khalil Mack is very useful. I wonder where the Texans could find a player like that?
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Duane Brown is entrenched in his holdout. The Texans haven’t budged to accommodate Brown’s presumed desire for an adjusted, if not extended, contract. Now that the season is starting to roll, teams are desperate for offensive line help. As a result, whispers are swirling that the Texans could or should trade Brown. The question then becomes what Houston can get for him. The masthead joins together in this week’s Group Think to tackle whether the Texans should trade their starting left tackle and if so, what they could realistically get for him.

Diehard Chris:

At this point I think the relationship is going to be so soured that human nature would creep in and it would just be a toxic situation for Duane. I know he'd be fine and his teammates would be fine, but I don't know about coaches, certainly front office, etc. UNLESS he got his money. If he gets what he wants (he won't), I think all that stuff would be fine.

The reality is the Texans were thought by many to be looking to draft Brown's eventual replacement in the previous draft. They didn't, but it wouldn't have surprised us. Even with him on the team, it's nearly a lock that they'd use their first or second round pick on an offensive tackle to repl------ OH RIGHT, we don't have either of those picks.

So yeah, if there's a solid offer out there, I'd take it. You aren't winning anything this year, but it would also be nice to not get your shiny new Franchise QB killed.

Realistically I don't see the Texans getting better than a third rounder, but you can never underestimate the level of desperation of a team that has lost a starter, especially if they are considered (or more accurately, consider themselves) a contender. I say if you can get anything higher than a three right now, you take it if you’re the Texans. If you can't, play it out until later in the year and take what you can get if it’s a three to four or more.

I love me some Duane Brown and I hate that it's come to this, but I'm not against his stance.


By contract, Brown has to return after the bye week if he wants to get paid at all this year. I think the long-term relationship is damaged, but if you are the Texans, and you can "trade" for a top flight left tackle with this sieve of an offensive line, you do it.

Swallow your pride and play Duane Brown in the second half. Don’t trade him now.

Luke Beggs:

The best option on the offensive tackle free agent market next season is Nate Solder, who will be turning 30.

Honestly I don't think there is any real reason to trade Duane. The return would honestly be so little (no team is giving up a first or second round pick for a tackle with two years left on his current deal unless it's Joe Thomas).

There is more in it for the Texans to keep Brown and patch things up with him while at the same time trying to find his successor.

Capt Ron:

The market value of trying to trade Brown is quite fluid and would be based on his age, combined with recent injuries, balanced against good production last year against the intersection of "need" by other teams. At this point in time, I'd think a 2018 third round pick is likely the top offer Rick Smith would get. This waiting game can create a window of opportunity if one of the other teams experiences an injury, in which case a 2018 second round pick would be possible.

At this point, I'd prefer Rick find a trade partner who has a safety that is capable of average to above average performance and trade straight up.

Matt Weston:

I don't think Houston would be offered anything at this point in the season that would be worth trading Duane Brown for. A third rounder? A fourth? Neither is worth it. Houston would be better off guaranteeing Brown’s 2018 salary and keeping him than they would trading him for a lottery pick.

The Texans are better with Brown playing. He would make an enormous impact toward fixing the offensive line issues they have this year. With him playing the left side, pass protection is locked down, allowing Deshaun Watson to not have to worry about left edge rushes. Brown also helps with the left side rush attack, where he and Xavier Su'a-Filo play well together.

Additionally, in the long-term, there isn't a for sure replacement on the roster, and don’t forget the offensive tackle market was insane last year. Brown is so much better than players like Menelik Watson and Russell Okung, both of whom are paid similarly to him now. Even though I really like Juli’en Davenport, he still needs incubation.

Just pay him, Rick. Brown is one of the three best offensive players in franchise history. He’s still one of the best offensive players on this team. Houston is better in 2017 and 2018 with him on the field.

What are your thoughts, BRB? Should the Texans trade Brown? What could they get for him?