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Pre-Game Recon: Five Questions With A Titans Fan

There’s only one thing that Matt Weston loves more than moonshine and hot chicken, and that’s the Tennessee Titans.

NFL: Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

If you’ve read BRB for any amount of time, you know that Matt Weston, despite writing about your Houston Texans here, is a rather big fan of the Tennessee Titans. I’ve never seen someone who professes to be a Texans fan so upset—even months later—that the Titans lost to the Jaguars in Week 16 last year, destroying the possibility of Week 17’s Texans-Titans game serving as a win-or-go-home affair for the AFC South title.

Naturally, with the Texans and Titans preparing to face off at NRG Stadium in a significant divisional game on Sunday, I turned to Weston for his thoughts about the Titans.

1. So how does it feel to be a Titans fan these days? The team seems to be a legitimate contender to make the playoffs for once. That must be nice, right?

When Steve McNair was tackled at the one-yard line against Los Angeles, I cried. First time I dropped a tear in my life, and I've been a fan of this team my entire life. To wait that long for something you always dreamed to never just broke me.

Things have gotten better. Lots of things have happened since that Super Bowl. Some good. Some bad. When it comes to the Titans, most of it has been bad. But now, it's good. I like that. It's nice to wake up in navy and egg blue and say, “TITAN UP!” with pride. Hand me my Winstons.

2. Your running back corps is really starting to piss me off. Who the hell am I supposed to start in fantasy?

There ain't know fantasy football in these parts. This is real smashmouth football. The way it ought to be played. Get out of here with that. Titan up! Fantasy football? This is reality football.

3. Corey Davis is hurt (again) and won't play this week. Are you already starting to get concerned about his durability?

I hated the pick when it was made. I still hate it to this day. You win the game from the inside out. They should have taken another offensive lineman, like I said. Cam Robinson. That's my guy. They could have used six of ‘em every play. You can't stop that. In this wussified NFL, the Titans can't be stopped as long as their hands are in the ground, hitting the person in front of them. Corey Davis plays standing up. You can't win like that. Get me someone who puts hishand in the ground.

4. What is your overall prediction for this season?

13-3. This team is better than that last great Titans team. If only we still had Kerry Collins...that was a real quarterback. Sitting back there in the pocket. Taking hits. Plopping dips. Real man, that Collins. You couldn't hurt him with a barbed wire bat. Unlike Marquise Marioto. That kid gets hurt. Sits out. Doesn't play enough. He needs to learn to sit in that pocket and play through the pain.

Fact is, the only shotgun a man needs is the one he keeps in the bed of the truck to finish road kill off for the victory dinner.

5. How about your prediction for just this game?

41-10, Titans. There's going to be more points on that scoreboard than teeth in the stands at Nissan Stadium on a fall Sunday. Just like we like it.

Thank you to Matt for stopping by to answer all of my questions this week. I would like to say that I paid him with money for his time, but all he wanted was a box of tissues and a DVD copy of the 1999 Fiesta Bowl.

Listening to my better judgement, I refused (and still refuse) to ask him why.