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2018 NFL Draft

All of BRB's content concerning the 2018 NFL Draft, whether it's related to the Texans or not.

Red Zone Play: The Texans’ Roster Has A Lot More To Gain(e)

It’s early, but the Texans’ 2018 draft class sure has been good.

Texans Rookies Contributing In All Phases At Quarter Mark Of Season

Even without early picks, the Texans have found early contributors from their 2018 NFL Draft.

2018 NFL Supplemental Draft: When It Is And Who Could Be Picked

The 2018 NFL Supplemental Draft is today. Find out who could potentially be selected in it on Battle Red Blog.

Duke Ejiofor: The Dark Horse Of The Texans’ 2018 Draft

Houston’s 6th round pick could surprise you this season.

Houston Texans Injury News: Martinas Rankin Broke Foot, Had Surgery

Early Injuries for rookies create an even steeper uphill battle when it comes to playing time.

Did The Houston Texans Draft The Wrong Guy in Justin Reid?

A different look at Houston’s first draft selection in 2018.

Red Zone Play: Texans Rookie Roundup

Who’s a boom? Who’s a bust?

Grade The Texans’ 2018 Offseason

It’s pretty much done, folks.

The Film Room: Martinas Rankin

Matt Weston watched the film on the Texans’ newest offensive tackle, Martinas Rankin.

2018 NFL Draft: Was Justin Reid The Steal Of The Third Round?

At least one NFL insider thinks so. Find out why.

Houston Texans Sign Their 2018 NFL Draft Class

The newest Texans become official members of the team right before rookie camp begins.

Houston Texans Sign Safety Justin Reid

The Texans sign their first draft pick from the 2018 NFL Draft.

Scouting The Texans’ 2018 NFL Draft Class

These guys are good.

BRB Group Think: Which Texans Rookies Will Impact The 2018 Season?

Follow us around the table as we discuss the Texans’ 2018 rookie class.

Battle Red Radio: Under The Influence

Matt Weston and BFD review the Texans’ 2018 NFL Draft class LIVE at 7 p.m. CDT.

2018 Houston Texans Rookie Minicamp Starts This Week

The young cats head into the alley for the first time.

Who Is Your Favorite 2018 Houston Texans Undrafted Rookie Free Agent?

Long live Vyncint Smith.

BRB Group Think: Retroactive Thoughts On Past Texans First Round Draft Picks

BRB gathers for a fun exercise in revisionist Texans history.

Houston Texans Rookie Jersey Numbers Announced

The young men pick their numbers.

The Film Room: Recapping and Reacting to the 2018 NFL Draft

The 2018 NFL Draft has come and gone, so let’s talk about it! Who won? Who lost? And who should the Texans now be most worried about in the AFC?

2018 NFL Draft: Anonymous Analysis Of Texans’ Draft Class Perplexes

What am I missing here?

Red Zone Play: Safe To Say

With the 68th pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, the Houston Texans officially closed the door on the Rick Smith era.

2019 NFL Mock Draft: Because Time Stops For No Man

Always, always, ALWAYS must we keep our eye on the horizon.

Grade The Texans’ 2018 NFL Draft Class

How do you feel about the talent Houston added in the 2018 NFL Draft?

2018 NFL Draft: Houston Texans Undrafted Free Agent Tracker

The 2018 NFL Draft is over. That doesn’t mean the Houston Texans are done putting together their rookie class, and BRB will track who they bring on in this post.

The Complete Houston Texans 2018 Draft Class

Th-th-th-th-th-th-that’s all, folks!

2018 NFL Draft: Texans Select Jermaine Kelly With 222nd Pick

Houston adds more secondary help with their final pick of the 2018 NFL Draft.

2018 NFL Draft: Texans Select Peter Kalambayi With 214th Pick

The Texans’ draft continues with the selection of Peter Kalambayi in this year’s draft.

2018 NFL Draft: Seventh Round Live

Six rounds down, one to go.

2018 NFL Draft: Texans Select Jordan Thomas With 211th Pick

Jordan Thomas is a Houston Texan. Discuss.

2018 NFL Draft: Texans Select Duke Ejiofor With 177th Pick

A little background on Duke Ejiofor, the newest member of the Houston Texans.

2018 NFL Draft: Sixth Round Live

The NFL Draft rolls on and the Texans will soon be on the clock. Follow along with us.

2018 NFL Draft: Fifth Round Live

Draftmas continues and BRB is here with you for live coverage of the fifth round. C’mon in, the blogging’s fine.

2018 NFL Draft: With The 103rd Pick, Our Houston Texans Select Keke Coutee

Keke Coutee is the newest Houston Texan. Learn about him here.