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Houston Texans Coaching Changes: Offer Made To Running Backs Coach

And it’s a name longtime Houston football fans should recognize.

Houston Oilers v Jacksonville Jaguars
Luv ya.
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When Charles London decided he didn’t want to be the running backs coach for your Houston Texans any longer, he created an opening on Bill O’Brien’s staff. Although O’Brien hasn’t officially hired or replaced any of his departed assistants yet, word is that he’s trying to bring a man Oilers fans will know quite well back to Houston to coach Lamar Miller, D’Onta Foreman & Co.

In addition to interest from the Cowboys and Texans, Jon Gruden reportedly interviewed Brown for a gig in Oakland as well. Brown’s in demand, due in large part to the success DeMarco Murray and Ezekiel Elliott had under his tutelage.

Brown of course played five seasons in Houston, with the most memorable one being in 1993. I remember how Brown exploded on the scene out of nowhere after getting hardly any work in the Oilers’ offense during the two seasons prior. It remains to be seen whether a homecoming for Brown in Houston is in the offing.

McClain has some other news about potential comings and goings on the Texans’ staff.

Thoughts or reaction?

UPDATE: Sounds like Brown had decided to stay in Arlington.